UN R44/04

Group 0/1/2/3

0-36 kg.

from birth to approx. 12 years


Uni-All London Grey Uni-All Sweet Pink Uni-All Rose Red Uni-All Velvet Black Uni-All Laguna Blue Uni-All Night Blue
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All-in-One Seat

One seat that fits for the whole of childhood

Energy-reduction technology

Less forces on the sensitive neck area in case of an accident

Integrated L.S.P. System

Optimal protection in case of a side-impact collision

Top tether and ISOFIX

Certainty when installing the seat while preventing dangerous rotation in case of an accident

Restraint System Control

More safety when using the seat


The Uni-All is an outstanding solution for your child's future. Designed to grow with your child from birth up to 12-years-old and built to exceptional safety standards, the Uni-All delivers ongoing safety and support throughout your child’s formative growth phases, ensuring they are protected at all times. The innovative Energy Reduction Technology safeguards your child in the event of a front collision, while the integrated L.S.P. System provides an essential layer of protection for your child in case a side-impact occurs. The Uni-All is also equipped with ISOFIX and supported by a top tether belt for additional anchorage, preventing dangerous seat rotation in case of an accident. The Uni-All is all you need - offering phenomenal safety and convenience at each stage of childhood.

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