UN R44/04

Group 0/1/2

birth up to 25 kg

from birth up to 7 years

7 Years of Safety

Convy-Fix London Grey Convy-Fix Sweet Pink Convy-Fix Rose Red Convy-Fix Velvet Black Convy-Fix Laguna Blue Convy-Fix Night Blue
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One seat for seven years of safety

One seat that grows with your child from birth up to seven years of age

Energy-reduction technology

Less forces on the sensitive neck area in case of an accident

Integrated Linear Side-impact Protection System

Optimal protection in case of a side-impact collision

Restraint System Control

More safety when using the seat

Recline function

Comfortable seating and sleeping positions for the child - easy adjustment for the parent

7 Years of Safety

Thanks to innovative safety technology, the Convy-Fix is an excellent choice for your child’s protection throughout the first seven years of their life. With a focus on convenience, the Convy-Fix has the ability to grow with the child from birth to 7-years-old, making it the smart choice for long usability. The Energy-Reduction Technology of the Convy-Fix also safeguards your child in the event of a front collision while the L.S.P. System protects them from a side impact. Additionally, its simple one-hand recline function makes it quick and easy for the parent to adjust into a comfortable sleeping position. The Convy-Fix is an outstanding fusion of innovation and functionality for the modern parent.

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